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Mechanical locking mill

Mechanical locking mill with sleeve connection
D(range): Ø 25-250 mm
d(range): varies depending on the model


The performance of leveling, helical boring, ramp milling and plunge milling processes is possible. High feed mills provide the maximum volume in terms of chip removal per time unit. Thanks to the low passage depth and to the reduced adjustment angle of the insert, it is possible to use these milling tools with very high feed rates. Almost 90% of the cutting forces is distributed axially, which makes it ideal for processing with great overhangs.


– Sandvik Coromant R210-09
– Sandvik Coromant R210-14
– other brands are available
– Manicotto ISO 6462
– Weldon DIN 1835
– Cormant Capto
– Cormant Varilock
– CNC processing
– molds and dies
– energy generation
– automotive
– food
– aerospace
– military
– medical